Chiropractic Career Overview

Thinking of a career as a chiropractor? See if you're a good fit for a career in this thriving wellness industry.

What You'll Do

  • Treat patients for neck and back pain by manually adjusting the spine
  • Advocate health and wellness practices to patients
  • Suggest techniques to promote better sleep, nutrition and exercise habits
  • Perform examinations and order lab tests
  • Use a variety of items in treatment, including massage, heat therapy and water
  • Maintain records of patients' medical histories
  • Review x-rays

Although chiropractors only work on a select area of the body, they focus their practice on patients' overall health. They fall under the holistic medicine umbrella because they don't use surgery or medicine to treat patients. Instead, their treatments are natural and focus on a variety of lifestyle factors, like exercise and nutrition. Becoming a chiropractor requires a serious commitment to education as they need a advanced degree to practice. If you're interested in entering the medical field and using a holistic approach, consider a career as a chiropractor. Take a look at the personality traits a chiropractor should have and see if this is the career for you.

You are... You should have...
Comfortable working with people Excellent interpersonal skills
Physically fit High ethical standards
An active learner Excellent attention to detail
Organized Critical thinking skills
A clear communicator Good communication skills
Sympathetic Excellent decision-making skills
A good listener Good initiative skills

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