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Yoga Teacher Training Guide Launches on Natural Healers
Natural Healers provides students with an in-depth yoga teacher training and career resource guide to provide insight into a booming natural health and fitness marketplace that offers many rewarding career opportunities..


Homeopathy Career Guide Launches on Natural Healers
Natural Healers provides students with an in-depth homeopathy training and career resource guide about an ancient health tradition that has become a successful career in today's growing alternative medicine and wellness marketplace.


Nurse-Midwife Career Guide Launches on Natural Healers
Natural Healers provides students with an in-depth Nurse-Midwife Career Resource Center to help prospective midwifery students learn how this natural birth practice that has been used for thousands of years has now become popular alternative to Western medicine.


Acupuncture Career Guide Launches on Natural Healers
Natural Healers launches the Acupuncture Career Guide to provide students with an in-depth career resource center to learn how this ancient Chinese medicine healing tradition has now become popular mainstream.



Natural Healers Launches "Wellness Community Bulletin"
Natural Healers launches a Wellness Community Bulletin to keep readers alerted to news and trends in the natural health marketplace as alternative medicine and natural health become a part of mainstream culture. Readers can find fun and informative articles from a wide array of natural health degree topics.


Natural Healers Discusses How Personal Trainer
Certification May Be Changing in Some States
Personal training has become very popular in today's fast-paced and stressful world, making today an excellent time to become a trainer. However legislation may be changing personal training certification requirements in some states, making a qualified education more crucial than ever before.


Natural Healers Discusses How Alternative Medicine
Careers Provide a Little "Wellness" In a Tough Economy
Alternative medicine has recently reached a milestone in mainstream health care with society's newfound focus on wellness and disease prevention, and Natural Healers discusses how today is a great time to take advantage of the booming alternative medicine trends, despite the tough economy.


Holistic Health Practitioner Career Resource Center Launches
With obesity, chronic stress, depression and anxiety reaching higher levels than ever before, holistic health careers are thriving in a down economy. Many Americans are beginning to realize the importance of disease prevention through maintaining wellness, making holistic health not only an admirable lifestyle, but also an excellent career choice.



Natural Healers Launches New Career Resource Centers
in Personal Training, Chiropractic, Nutrition, Reiki and Reflexology

Natural Healers researches natural health careers to make the prospective holistic health students' job easier. Even with the current economic crisis, natural health and alternative medicine careers continue to boom with society's focus on wellness. Students interested in personal training, chiropractic, nutrition, Reiki and reflexology can gain valuable insight into each profession in the detailed Career Resource Centers.


The Most Popular Natural Health Programs for 2007 and 2008
Natural Healers announces the most popular and most requested programs in 2007 and 2008. Not surprisingly, these fields of interest are consistent with the growing number of people turning to alternative treatments to stay healthy, especially as complementary and alternative medicine is being used more frequently alongside conventional medicine.



Massage Therapy Career Resource Center Launches
The new Massage Therapy Resource Center gives students insight into the massage therapy industry. Students can learn about massage specialties best-suited for them, read in-depth interviews and find detailed program information to help make important decisions about massage therapy schools and careers.


05/01/06 Surpasses 1,000 Featured Schools
Natural Healers, the leading web resource for people interested in studying alternative medicine and healing arts, announces that it has signed its 1,000th featured school listing.



All Star Directories Acquires
All Star Directories, Inc., the Internet's fastest growing publisher of career and online school directories announces it has acquired from Natural Village, Inc. of Winthrop, WA. The deal adds another leading education directory to All Star Directories.