Nutritionist Career Overview

Do you have the right personality to work as a nutritionist and dietitian? Learn the necessary traits and skills.

What You’ll Do

  • Consult with clients to assess their health and needs
  • Develop nutrition or diet plans for multiple clients
  • Keep track of client progress
  • Help clients stay motivated and committed to good health
  • Stay up-to-date on nutrition trends and research
  • Help clients set and achieve goals

The nutritionist and dietitian career path is the right choice for people who want to make a positive impact on others’ health, as so much of what contributes to healthy living is based on the food we eat. In recent years, health concerns like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease have become increasingly prevalent in the U.S., and poor nutritional habits are a huge contributor to this. In light of this issue, the demand for skilled nutritionists has increased dramatically.

If you pursue a career in nutrition, you will be responsible for helping your clients learn about proper nutrition for their bodies’ needs. You will have the opportunity to make a big impact on your clients’ overall quality of life. If this sounds like an appealing job to you, check out some of the important characteristics of top-notch nutritionists:

you are… you should have…
Supportive Ability to motivate
Positive A passion for healthy living
Respectful A respect for other people’s bodies
Committed to health Ability to set goals
Patient Strong communication skills
Goal-oriented A desire to help people
 Dependable An interest in science