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Experience essential oils and their healing properties.

Whether you want to alleviate anxiety, elevate a blue mood or find a natural first aid remedy, there’s an essential oil to suit your needs. Essential Oils are compounds extracted from the roots, flowers, leaves, bark, and seeds of a plant, and have been used for thousands of years for a variety of natural wellness benefits.

You can tap into the power of an essential oil by using it topically, through consumption or by aromatic diffusion—all are designed to enhance the user’s life, health and well being.

With the thousands of oils and extractions out there, how do you know which is best for what? Natural Healers can help you understand that essential oils are more than just a pleasant scent. We’ve created five free eBooks to guide you through the history, mystery and healing properties of pure essential oils.

Download our guides and learn how you can use essential oils for your own natural healing practices.

Guide One: Essential Oils Basics
Learn what an essential oil is, essential oils in plants, organic vs. non-organic, and how to extract an essential oil.

Guide Two: Get to Know Your Essential Oils
Find out if you’re hitting the notes, and learn about 10 common essential oils.

Guide Three: How to Use Essential Oils
It’s essential to know how to use an essential oil safely. Guide three walks you through diluting your essential oils, storing essential oils and how to use them safely.

Guide Four: Bonus Recipes
From food to feelings, essential oils enhance our lives. Find recipes for stress, anxiety and room spray!
Create your own beauty treatments, and find ways to keep healthy with wellness recipes.

Guide Five: Download the Complete eBook
If you want to be the master of essential oils and learn everything at once, you can download all our eBooks here.

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