Life Coach Career Overview

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Looking for a way to give back to others? See if you’ve got the skills for a career in life coaching.

Excellent life coaches are committed to helping others improve their quality of life. People who seek life coaching are typically feeling overwhelmed or unorganized regarding one or more life transitions, like becoming a parent, starting a business or retiring from a long career.

What You’ll Do

  • Consult with clients to assess their goals
  • Develop strategies and plans for multiple clients
  • Keep track of client progress
  • Help clients stay motivated and committed to their goals
  • Meet with clients regularly and discuss progress
  • Adjust client strategies as needed

Life coaches are useful for people looking to improve on a life skill, such as balancing work and family or improving personal relationships. As a life coach, it’ll be your job to assess your client’s goals and help craft a plan to achieve those goals. Successful life coaches usually have the following traits:

you are…you should have…
SupportiveAbility to motivate
PositiveA passion for helping people
CommunicativeA strong sense of focus
IndependentAbility to set goals
PatientA strong commitment to mental health
Goal-orientedExcellent communication skills
 CompassionateGood interpersonal relationship skills
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