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Professional Nutritionist Organizations and Resources

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Professional organizations, journals, podcasts, blogs, and more can offer a wide range of information for current and aspiring nutritionists.

These resources can support you as you transition from a prospective student to a new professional, as well as help you stay up to date on developments after you’ve entered the field.

As with your cohort of fellow students, resources like these can allow you to expand your network and create opportunities to build a community of learning and growing with other nutritionists.

Nutritionist Associations, Organizations, Resources, and Journals

These groups provide valuable access to current industry news, trends, and research that can help you expand your knowledge and provide better care.

You can also benefit from programs for mentoring, networking, job opportunities, and continuing education. Some of the leading professional nutritionist organizations include:

Nutritionist Organization

What It Does

Advocates for and empowers professionals dedicated to holistic nutrition. They offer two levels of board certification, the biweekly newsletter Nourishing Bytes, a career resource center, and an annual conference for networking and educational opportunities.

Provides advanced, science-based nutrition education, training, and advocacy. They publish webinars each month and the newsletter Nutrition Digest.

Works to advance the profession through research, education, and advocacy. They publish the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, put on the yearly Personalized Nutrition conference, and offer members-only videos.

Provides nutrition news and education, professional development, and a career resource center. They publish the Journal of Nutrition, The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Advances in Nutrition, Current Developments in Nutrition, and the Nutrition Notes monthly newsletter. They hold the annual Nutrition conference and support a scholarship and fellowship foundation.

Works to protect nutrition provider rights and offers up-to-date information regarding state licensing requirements

Part of the National Agricultural Library (NAL) of the USDA, the FNIC contains over 2,500 links to current nutrition information

Blogs and Newsfeeds

Blogs designed specifically for nutritionists can also help you stay on top of industry news and engaged in the latest research, while newsfeeds are a great way to get a variety of information all in one place. Some popular sources include:

Blog / Newsfeed

What It Offers

Articles related to industry trends, current issues, and professional practice, written by board directors and other team members of the NANP

Twice-weekly articles by holistic nutrition experts discussing a wide range of topics, including healthy eating habits, the latest nutrition research, and tips for growing your brand

Printable materials from the U.S. Department of Agriculture on nutritional guidelines, food assistance programs, diet and health conditions, and food safety

Top nutrition headlines and daily news stories curated from health associations, research institutions, universities, and medical centers

Social Media

Along with following the social media pages for the above-mentioned sites and associations, the accounts of various certifying agencies offer resources related to their organizations, as well as the latest research and news gathered from across the Internet.


Where to Find Them

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Board for Certification of Nutrition Specialists

Clinical Nutrition Certification Board

American Clinical Board of Nutrition

The National Academy of Sports Medicine


American Society for Nutrition (ASN)


There are tons of podcasts centered around nutrition, though the following could be especially useful for those who are just beginning their careers. These can help deepen your knowledge while adding additional perspective and expertise to the education you’re already pursuing.


What It Offers

Episodes that blend together the science, psychology, and strategies behind good nutrition. Hosted by dietitian Melissa Joy Dobbins, the show also features interviews with other RDs and nutrition professors.

Episodes hosted by dietitian Julie Dully Dillon, with topics specifically related to negative behaviors around food. Though designed for a more public audience, the show can help nutritionists learn new strategies for helping clients who are struggling with problems such as anorexia, stress eating, and food addiction.

For nutritionists who want to work specifically with children, the show tackles the challenges of feeding kids of all ages. Dietitian Jill Castle produces episodes that appeal to parents just as much as nutritionists.

From the American Society for Nutrition, the podcast covers topics related to the research and practice of nutrition. Though discontinued, you can find an archive of podcasts on the ASN website.

Podcast with expert tips from registered nutritionist and best-selling author Monica Reinagel, MS, LD/N, CNS

Looking for More Resources?

Find the information you need to begin your path toward a career in nutritionist. Check out our guides outlining the degree you need to get started, the certification and licensing requirements in your state, and the salary you might expect to make once you’re working in the field.

Lastly, if you’ve put your passion on pause because of a busy schedule, thanks to modern technology getting your nutritionist degree online can be a viable option. They cut the commute and request your physical presence minimally, if at all!