Pilates Teacher Training and Career Guide

Learn Why Pilates Has Become a Popular Workout Technique

A top fitness trend across the country, Pilates emphasizes core strength and stability through mind-body exercises performed on a floor mat or using a variety of equipment.

Stressing the quality of movement over quantity, Pilates teacher training shows students how to help clients build strength without bulk and develop greater body awareness, good posture and more agility.

Career Overview

Pilates teacher training prepares you to work in Pilates studios, health and fitness clubs, and wellness and rehabilitation centers. Some experienced instructors might even offer private Pilates sessions for clients. In addition to teaching and marketing yourself, you will spend a portion of your days preparing for classes, studying the latest trends and information in Pilates through continuing education courses, and, hopefully, making time to do some Pilates yourself.

Learn the similarities and differences between yoga and Pilates by learning about yoga teacher training careers and education.

Training and Education

What You’ll Study in Pilates Teacher Training

Programs for Pilates teacher training will vary somewhat from school to school. In general, you can expect course work that teaches you how to become a Pilates teacher to cover these topics:

  • The six Pilates principles and evolution of the Pilates method
  • Anatomy, physiology and the science of Pilates movement
  • Pilates mat exercises and modifications
  • Pilates equipment exercises and modifications
  • Teaching and coaching students at different levels of ability
  • Safety guidelines for teaching clients with injuries or other health conditions
  • Personal practice, observation hours and student teaching

Average Length of Study

To be a certified Pilates teacher through the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) students must complete a minimum of 450 hours of comprehensive Pilates teacher training, apprenticeship and assistant teaching hours. You can learn how to become a Pilates teacher through weekend intensives as well as self-contained modules that you can complete at your own pace, either over the course of a few months or even years.

Average Tuition

Tuition for individual Pilates teacher training classes can range from $350 to $650. Comprehensive programs that help you achieve the PMA standards to be a certified Pilates teacher can cost up to $3,000.

Pilates Teacher Certification

You do not have to be a certified Pilates teacher to work in the field. However, more and more Pilates instructors and their employers have come to see certification as a testament to a teacher’s skills, competencies and professionalism. To be a certified Pilates teacher through the PMA, candidates must meet eligibility requirements, pass a certification exam and complete a specified number of continuing education courses every two years.

Career Outlook

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ (BLS) current Occupational Outlook Handbook, employment of fitness workers in general will increase at a rate of 10 percent through 2026, which is as fast as average. With more people emphasizing health and fitness in their daily lives, as well as more companies recognizing the benefits of health and fitness programs for their employees, now is the perfect time to start Pilates teacher training and work toward a career in this thriving industry.

Pilates Teacher Salary

According to the BLS, the median national annual salary for fitness trainers and instructors is $38,160. Actual salaries may vary greatly based on specialization within the field, location, years of experience and a variety of other factors.

Is a Pilates Teacher Career Right for You?

Learning how to become a Pilates teacher takes a strong interest in people, anatomy, physiology and the deep philosophies of the Pilates method. Your communication skills, perseverance and business savvy will also make a difference in building your client base and creating a name for yourself in the industry.

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Source: Pilates.com

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