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No matter where you fit in the natural health space, there’s a school and program for you.

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Helping and healing others is your desired direction in life, but what should you expect on your journey to get there? Support and inspiration is just a click away.

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You’ve made the courageous decision to change careers. Now take the steps toward your transformation with a fresh education. Let us help with tips and advice.

Further Your Job

If you’ve made a mark in the natural health field, but want to take your practice further, now is a great time to earn a master’s or doctoral degree. Here’s how.

“If you’re doing [massage therapy] from your heart, you will have a phenomenal career. You have to have it in you to help people.”

Donda Sternberg

Professional Massage Therapist and Director, Gentle Healing School of Massage

Financial Aid

A common misconception among aspiring natural health students is financial aid isn’t available for their programs. Fortunately, the truth is more uplifting and finances shouldn’t stop you from reaching your goals. Learn More ›

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