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How the Roles of Life Coach and Therapist Differ

Life coaches and therapists both help people improve their lives, but in different ways. Therapists help people heal, while life coaches help them reach their goals.

therapists elbow presses into laying patients shoulder
A Firmer Focus: Explore a Career in Deep Tissue Massage

This massage technique is used to reduce tension and break up scar tissue, more similar to physical therapy than a relaxing spa treatment.

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The Partnering of Holistic and Traditional Healthcare Providers

Holistic healing and traditional Western medicine work together in the growing trend of integrative health.

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How to Become an Alternative Medicine Practitioner

Alternative medicine providers can practice in a wide range of places, such as natural medicine clinics, wellness centers, and research labs.

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What is Holistic Nutrition?

Holistic nutritionists combine the principles of nutrition and holistic health for an all-encompassing approach to diet and lifestyle.

massage therapist stretching patient shoulder
Fascia Stretching: A Therapy Style That’s Gaining Popularity

Fascia stretching is a massage therapy specialty that can increase a patient’s range of motion with very little or no pain.

patient with cupping technique applied to back
Cupping Therapy: Training, Tuition, and Salary Opportunities

Massage therapists specializing in cupping can bring comfort and healing to their patients.

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Providing End-of-Life Comfort Through Massage

Many studies have indicated that massage in a palliative care setting can help reduce anxiety, pain, and depression.

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Healthy Foods for Cold and Flu Season

Many plants contain properties that may help support your immune system. Adding these to your daily diet could help you stay well.