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Chiropractor Salary

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How much can chiropractors make?

Not only are chiropractors becoming more popular as the holistic health movement gains traction, but as the population ages quickly, chiropractors will be in demand.

Although the demand is there, patients’ ability to pay is a big factor in a chiropractor’s success. Chiropractic services are covered by more insurance companies, but there are often stipulations in how much treatment a patient can receive before they have to pay out of pocket.

So, don’t be shocked if you’re not earning a big salary right out of school.

But, if you’re good at marketing yourself, you may do well in a solo or group practice. Building a strong clientele can help secure a steady and healthy salary, but it takes time and plenty of networking.

Having a specialization can also increase your earning potential. If you’re an expert in a certain medical area, such as orthopedics, you may be able to charge a higher fee for your expertise. Another aspect is geographic location. Where you practice can make a difference.

How do chiropractor salaries compare?

Compare Chiropractor and Other Physical Therapist Salaries
Change Location

Average Salary

Exercise Physiologists$54,750

Projected job growth: 9.7%

Avg Annual Salary$54,750
$34,990 $78,310
Bottom 10%Top 10%
Physical Therapists$90,170

Projected job growth: 21.9%

Avg Annual Salary$90,170
$62,120 $124,740
Bottom 10%Top 10%

Projected job growth: 7.4%

Avg Annual Salary$85,010
$35,290 $147,480
Bottom 10%Top 10%

Average salary information is calculated by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and is based on the 2019 payroll records of business establishments. Actual salaries vary greatly depending on your location, level of education, years of experience, work environment, and many other factors. Please note that salaries may differ even more for those who are self-employed or work part time.

Is there demand for this career?

Between the popularity of holistic medicine and an aging population, chiropractors will be needed to satisfy this demand. The baby boomer generation is getting older and with that comes a higher chance of joint and musculoskeletal issues. But chiropractors are needed across the board from sports injuries to pediatrics making this a much-needed career.

How much competition will I face for a job?

Since so many chiropractors are self-employed, you’ll need to ask yourself questions such as, “Will I be one of only a few private practices in your city or town or are there many?”

One way to edge out competition is flexible hours. If you’re willing to accommodate patients by working evenings or weekends, you may be a more desirable option. Networking and good marketing are other ways to remedy some of the competition issues.

Partnering with a medical doctor can help as you refer patients to each other.

What kind of institutions hire chiropractors?

The majority of chiropractors are self-employed, but hospitals, group practices, dentist offices and colleges and universities are all potential work settings.

If you’re not comfortable going out on your own right after graduating, consider working in a group practice or hospital where you can continue to learn from others and gain the confidence to eventually run your own business.

How do I advance in my chiropractic career?

Since chiropractors have to earn the highest degree to practice, beefing up their educational background to advance is less of an option. The good news is chiropractors have the option to become their own boss and run a private practice. While it’s a lot of responsibility, chiropractors who build up a good patient base can enjoy a stable career working in medicine.

If you choose to work in a group practice, you might consider working toward becoming a partner, while a hospital setting allows you the chance to move your way up the ladder.

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