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Physical Therapist Salary

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Depending upon where you work, a physical therapist can earn different salaries. Learn what you can expect to make as a physical therapist.

How much can a physical therapist make?

Your earning potential throughout your career will depend on variables like where you live and how much experience you have, but it will also depend on your work ethic. The best way to boost your earning potential is to achieve great results with patients and establish a reputable name for yourself. If you can establish a good base of clients who will return to you or recommend your practice to others, you will become increasingly more valuable in your field.

How do physical therapist salaries compare?

Physical Therapists

National data

Median Salary: $91,010

Bottom 10%: $63,530

Top 10%: $126,780

Projected job growth: 18.2%

State data

State Median Salary Bottom 10% Top 10%
Alabama $92,200 $64,630 $129,480
Alaska $98,770 $65,680 $145,700
Arizona $90,240 $67,660 $124,030
Arkansas $84,950 $51,390 $123,870
California $105,910 $68,060 $142,480
Colorado $85,440 $61,540 $119,500
Connecticut $97,250 $72,490 $132,630
Delaware $96,060 $68,810 $128,960
District of Columbia $93,000 $69,940 $128,190
Florida $87,800 $48,460 $119,430
Georgia $86,950 $59,210 $124,640
Hawaii $89,600 $66,940 $129,390
Idaho $82,850 $50,590 $110,770
Illinois $95,470 $66,980 $134,480
Indiana $88,210 $61,340 $113,480
Iowa $81,580 $60,720 $110,060
Kansas $92,140 $65,300 $123,980
Kentucky $86,020 $61,560 $113,700
Louisiana $89,220 $60,280 $131,730
Maine $81,560 $63,070 $104,960
Maryland $91,510 $49,900 $124,770
Massachusetts $88,820 $61,500 $116,290
Michigan $86,780 $65,740 $110,670
Minnesota $86,280 $68,850 $105,170
Mississippi $91,540 $68,940 $122,020
Missouri $85,460 $59,190 $108,310
Montana $81,440 $63,080 $110,690
Nebraska $85,280 $66,010 $110,350
Nevada $99,670 $72,220 $175,010
New Hampshire $85,170 $66,280 $104,790
New Jersey $100,390 $72,010 $131,920
New Mexico $93,310 $66,190 $151,620
New York $91,770 $66,630 $125,910
North Carolina $86,450 $63,270 $113,230
North Dakota $83,830 $67,530 $105,690
Ohio $89,680 $64,160 $121,300
Oklahoma $93,010 $59,900 $129,680
Oregon $90,200 $68,950 $116,580
Pennsylvania $89,140 $62,720 $127,130
Rhode Island $85,930 $58,860 $116,480
South Carolina $88,270 $51,280 $112,140
South Dakota $78,980 $58,040 $101,520
Tennessee $88,880 $52,730 $118,100
Texas $90,630 $52,710 $129,990
Utah $83,010 $58,260 $118,480
Vermont $77,800 $55,610 $103,250
Virginia $94,230 $69,710 $125,600
Washington $92,660 $66,850 $116,120
West Virginia $85,950 $62,460 $132,110
Wisconsin $88,460 $66,540 $113,780
Wyoming $88,240 $68,390 $119,100

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) 2020 median salary; projected job growth through 2029. Actual salaries vary depending on location, level of education, years of experience, work environment, and other factors. Salaries may differ even more for those who are self-employed or work part time.

Is there a demand for this career?

There is definitely a demand for physical therapists, and this demand will only continue to grow. A large contributor to this demand is the aging baby boomer population. As this particular generation ages, there will be an increased demand for skilled physical therapists who can help these specific patients adjust to their aging bodies.

In addition to this, medical advancements are allowing greater percentages of trauma victims and newborns with serious birth defects to survive, which creates a demand for rehabilitative care through physical therapy.

How much competition will I face for a job?

The level of competition you face for a job will be mostly dependent on where you live and the type of health care facility you’re applying to. Trying to launch your own physical therapy practice right off the bat will be extremely tough, as it means you’ll be competing with other therapists with an established clientele.

For less competition, physical therapist jobs in hospitals or health practitioners’ offices are generally more plentiful; you’ll still face some competition, but since the demand for physical therapists in these environments is high and growing, you’re likely to have an easier time getting hired.

What kinds of institutions hire physical therapists?

Physical therapists are in increasingly high demand in multiple work places. You can find work in hospitals, health care practitioners’ offices, home health care services, or nursing care facilities. In addition to these options, some physical therapists choose to launch their own practice, which is no easy task, but can certainly have benefits. If you want to specialize in a specific type of patient (for instance, elderly physical therapy patients), then this will influence where you decide to work.

How do I advance in my physical therapy career?

In order to advance in your career, it’s absolutely necessary for you to stay on top of any continuing education units you need, as well as to stay abreast of physical therapy trends and research. Being knowledgeable in the present and future of your field will keep you ahead of the curve at all times.

In addition to this, your best bet for advancing in your field is to establish a great name for yourself by producing the best possible results for your patients. Your experience and success are what will ultimately help you advance and make you indispensable at any facility you work for.