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Online Homeopathy Courses

Join the New Natural: Enroll in an Online Homeopathy Course

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Where Nature Meets Technology

It may seem incongruous, but the centuries-old holistic medicine practice of homeopathy is now available online! From undergraduate degree programs to online homeopathy courses for personal enrichment, you can now find what you’re looking for via distance learning.

Like many students interested in career-preparation programs, homeopathy students are looking for ways to increase their knowledge, capabilities and incomes without having to move, quit their jobs, or put their families on the backburner.

Colleges have responded to this need by offering more correspondence courses for homeopathy students at all levels of education.

Undergraduate Online Homeopathy Courses

Everglades University, based out of Boca Raton, Florida, offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Medicine. This 100 percent online degree program offers online homeopathy courses as well as courses in the following subjects:

If you are interested in obtaining a well-rounded understanding of natural medicine before pursuing a graduate degree or specialty training in homeopathy, this type of online degree may be a good fit for you.

Graduate-Level Online Homeopathy Courses

Students at Homeopathy School International, based out of Boulder, Colorado, can receive even advanced clinical studies experience online.

Their self-paced structure allows you to fit a 2-year professional practitioner program into your busy lifestyle and graduate with a certificate of clinical training.

Online Courses for Personal Enrichment

The Essentials of Classical Homeopathy, from the Institute of Classical Homeopathy in San Francisco, California, gives you a foundation on which to build your homeopathic knowledge.

It can serve as a personal enrichment course, or as an introduction to their 4-year professional program. It is meant to broaden your view of health and get you thinking about holistic approaches to health care.

While some well-recognized homeopathic schools do not yet offer online courses, the current selection of available online programs is still considerable. Get started by browsing our school database for information on online homeopathy courses that interest you.